Innokin Kits

Our Innokin kits are the best thing ever happened to the vaping world.

Innokin currently designs and produces four world famous vape brands. It was founded in 2011. Their goal in mind is to create leading tech innovation. Their designs are of the highest standards of quality. They create the best e-cigarettes and Personal Vapour. These kits are world acclaimed. Gain true vaping freedom with Innokin e- cigarettes.

With Innokin vapour you could add your favorite e-Liquid flavors. Choose your preferred flavor. You may manage the power output. It is what creates their perfect taste. Enjoy the white clouds of pleasure. It delivers only the joy with the greatest experience of e-cigarette vapor.


Innokin is a pioneer. They are the world leaders in the design and production of vapes. Their vape tech includes.
  • Magnetic connection ,Pen vaporizer cap ,LED power indicator, ‘Vape While Charging’, VaCaps Cartridge System ,Innokin Cell LiPo Vape Power,Reactive Temp Control Tech and much more.

World Appraised.

The Innokin lines of brand are iTaste, iClear, iSub, and CoolFire. They are known for their unique designs. They are made with top quality materials. Have long lasting durability. Innokin vaporizers and e-cigarettes are widely available in Ireland. They are also offered in countries wherever vapes are sold.

Makes Life Better.

Innokin is very proud to work closely with associates and friends. They are known in the international vaping community.  Legendary vaporizers are made because of worldwide praise and connections. Irish Vapour is a proud associate to make consumers not only survive the rigors of daily life. But also make things better.

Innokin Kits

We are authentic retailers of Innokin products. Visit their site for more information. We offer all their product lines. View our best selection.

  • Cool Fire IV Kits,Express Kit,Endura Kits,Starter kits.


We offer Innokin Kits throughout Ireland. Choose your favorite product. We will deliver it on your doorstep. We also ship internationally. Please access our Delivery page for more details.

Innokin Kits

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