Starter Kit

Are you a beginner? We offer a range of starter kits from prominent manufacturers such as Innokin. Choose from our starter kit selections today.

Vaping has become prominent in the world market. There are a lot of e-cigars made and offered in the market today. It can be overwhelming for a beginner. There are the different clearomisers, the tanks, atomisers, and full range of flavors. Vaping lingo might confuse the consumer. But worry no more.

Are  you a new smoker to try out e-cigs for the first time? Or a tobacco smoker seeking a healthier alternative? Look for a better performing setup. We have all sorts of packages to suit your needs.

If you are new to the vaping world, we recommend that you get a starter kit. It is excellent for beginners. It is convenient for intermediate users.

Big brands such as Innokin and Nicophar have new and improved products. These advance provide you thick clouds of pleasure. It gives you only the best vaping experience. Take a look at our best selections of Innokin kits. Our selection ranges of different product lines.

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The Starter Kit that you'll ever need.

Each Starter Kit feature the latest technology from giant brands. Innokin has a powerful monopoly on making only the best e-cigarette in the market available. Each Kit has been created to include all of the device you will need to start enjoying your chosen e-liquid. Starter kits comes with every device you will need to start vaping. The usual package contains an atomiser, a charger, and a manual. From our basic atomiser kit to our more powerful Variable Voltage kits you are sure to find the best to meet your needs. Our starter kits exclude of e-liquids. Browse our e-liquid page here in our website to find your favored flavor.

For more information about vaping, read this Wikipedia article here.

Starter Kit

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