NICOPHAR – VG E-LIQUID 40ML (4 x 10ml)

You  will receive 8 x 10ml Nicophar VG only e-liquid bottles in your chosen strength. NicoPhar VG E-liquid is a Pharmacutical Grade Nicotine e-liquiid. Containing only 3 high quality ingredients - Vegetable Glycol, De-ionised water and Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine just like Ecopure. This Irish manufactured e-liquid matches the quality standard our customers have come to expect and deserve. This VG only based e-liquid is one of the purest e-liquids available to the Irish Market.  NicoPhar's formula has been kept simple with no added flavouring or Propylene Glycol. This maintains a cleaner taste and gives the consumer a smoother vaping experience. Available in the following strengths: 18mg, 12mg, 9mg and 6mg   Please use the drop down menu to select your preferred strength.


The new Nicophar VG Ireland E-liquid Ireland is now available in 10ml bottles! This Irish made Vegetable Glycol based e-liquid is made with the same 3 high quality ingredients as Ecopure, sourced within the EU. NicoPhar will now be sold to replace regular Ecopure. NicoPhar E-Liquid can be used to refill Clearomisers or Glassomisers.

The NicoPhar VG E-liquid 10 mL capacity is a Pharmacutical Grade Nicotine e-liquid. This flavorful liquid comes in various strengths of your choice.

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. It is a far more better choice than Propylene Glycol (PG) e-liquids among consumers.

The Nicophar VG Ireland E-liquid 10ml is made with VG, a natural chemical derived from vegetable oil.  It is the ultimate choice of vegetarians. It is a great alternative to the regular Ecopure.

The vegetable glycerin used in the NicoPhar VG  e-liquid 10mL gives the lusciously thick vapour when used in clearomisers and tanks. NicoPhar VG E-liquid has a sweeter taste and is considerably better and pleasurable than the PG-created e liquids. It delivers a lot smoother nicotine hit than the PG liquids. Thus, it is perfect for sub-ohm vaping. It produces thick clouds of pleasure. The VG alternative of NicoPhar provides 100% VG mixes in  a 10mL

This VG only based e-liquid is one of the purest e-liquids available in the market. It has already spread throughout Ireland. It has also achieved international recognition. It truly is a worldwide phenomenon.

It contains only three best quality ingredients. These are Vegetable Glycol, De-ionised water and Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine.

This Irish manufactured e-liquid offers only the best quality standard for customers to enjoy and deserve. NicoPhar’s formula has been made without artificial content. No added flavoring. No Propylene Glycol. This maintains a smooth, clean taste. It gives the vapers a pleasurable vaping experience.

NicoPhar VG Ireland E-liquid 10mL Strengths.

18mg, 12mg, 9mg and 6mg.



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12mg, 18mg, 6mg, 9mg


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